Core Values

Our Core Values

Realizing dreams, one client at a time

1. We are humble and kind.

We are not ego driven. Humility means that I do not command my colleagues to do the work, I facilitate resources to enable you to accomplish what you strive to achieve, be it in a work environment or personally. The same should go for you, my work colleague. Humility means that I’ll treat each and every person in my circle of influence with respect, dignity and honour, be it the lady cleaning our toilets, our vendors, clients or the mega farmer on the Mananga road. Humility entails that I will listen to constructive criticism and act upon it in a positive way. I will celebrate my successes with humbleness, accept my failures with dignity and move on. I am no better than anyone on this planet because of my education, race, possessions or accomplishments. Humility does not make me meek or fragile. As a matter of fact it strengthens me as I have already acknowledged my weaknesses, and I am in the process of becoming a better person as I work through these shortcomings on a daily basis, one fraction of a percentage point at a time.

2. We WOW! Our clients

We will strive to create those WOW! Moments for our clients, moments that will make them remember that special day when we blew their socks off!

3. When the going gets tough, we get going

We do not shy away from adversity, situations that cause us pain, fear or uncertainty. If we do not experience this we cannot fail, and without failing, we cannot grow and learn. Always fail forward, we are not afraid of it. We grind it out!

4. We are disciplined

We are self-motivated to get the job done. We focus on progressing the company, from the big picture all the way down to the small details. We give attention to detail. We are strong enough to hold ourselves accountable, and we can be relied upon to get the job done, no matter what the odds, always shifting the benchmark expected from us higher.

5. Desire to Grow and Succeed.

We strive to learn new things on our own as this will improve the performance of ourselves and our company. By continually learning we are able to stay abreast of new technologies, as we are in an ever-evolving industry.

6. We have integrity

All our actions will be governed by honesty and honour, by doing the right thing. We will treat all with fairness and uphold our strong moral values. As a commitment to honesty, we will speak our minds honestly, all the time.

7. We build Fun and Positive Relationships

We work to build positive and fun relationships both internally and externally, and we know that the success of the business is built upon this. Quality, positive relationships are what successful businesses and successful people thrive on. We do this through communicating well. Be pro-active in your efforts, clients love being informed! Consistently making efforts to build strong relationships with everyone we encounter creates strong bonds and friendships, and ultimately creates lifetime customers and vendors and loyalty to the brand. We can lose a customer, but we can never lose a friend.